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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our new web site, these are some FAQs that may assist the web site visitors to reach the provided information easily. In addition to the “Site Map” page that displays the web site pages construction and their links.

Q) How to send a complaint - an inquiry?

Please send complaints and follow them up through the Government Complaints Portal (, Hotline: 16528. We have integrated with the portal in April 2018.
Please send inquiries through the Inquiry Page on ministry website. To follow-up your inquiry or complaint sent before April 2018 (and that was sent on the ministry website), please visit the Request Follow up Page on ministry website.

Q) How to take an environmental approval for a project?

There are EIA lists for the projects that need an environmental approval in the “EIA” page under the “Services” link. The approval procedures and forms are included in the same page. In addition, there is a service for inquiring about the projects approval status which are already submitted. Also, there are helpful EIA guides provided.

Q) How to have a fund for an environmental project?

Under the “Services” link you’ll find “Fund & Support” page with link to the “Environmental Protection Fund” web site that provides certain programs with some steps to be follow, for submitting the fund request.

Q) What is the environmental training plan available?

“Environmental Training” page under “Services” link provides the training plan available for different environmental fields. Also, new programs can be prepared according to different needs by coordination with the Training department.

Q) How to gain credence as an environmental specialist or environmental consultant or a counseling office in the environment field?

The details (procedures & forms) are found on the “Environmental Business and Consulting Licenses” page which is derived from “Services”.

Q) What is Environmental Inspection?

You can know more about Inspection objectives and missions from “Environmental Inspection” page under “Services”.