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Green Corner

The environmental education and culture have become essential requirements for the environmental awareness of citizen in the Arab Republic of Egypt, especially among children and teenagers.

The Green Corner is considered one of the most important programs targeting this purpose. This is why the Integrated Care Society in 1998 has established the Green Project which started with first 25 and increased to 50 libraries.

The Ministry of Environment and the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) have contributed effectively with the Integrated Care Society in establishing its own Green Corner.

With the prominent significance of Green Corner Libraries the Ministry of Environment has adopted the Green Corner Project in the year 2001. The expansion and replication of the Green Corner has taken place in all Egyptian Governorates and at the end of year 2002 the establishment and refurbishment of 30 Green Corner sites have been developed in all Governorates.

Mother Earth & Our Children's Future Booklet

This booklet was printed within the framework of the interest of the Ministry of Environment in Egypt and referring to the objectives of the Environmental Awareness and Media Department to make the Egyptian children and young students aware about the climate change issue. (The topics include: what is the climate? How does it change? The impacts of climate change on the world's population; in addition to their importance in fighting and mitigating this phenomenon). 

The booklet was also printed after the approval of the Minister of Environment in printing the children coloring book entitled Mother Earth and our Children's Future, in collaboration with El Nasr Girls' College, one of the National Institution Schools in Alexandria, and Science Across the World Program in Egypt in the frame of climate change and global warming topics.

This booklet aims at educating children and their families in a simple and easy way to clarify the issue of climate change and the effect of human activities in increasing the greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, the booklet focuses on the concept of consumption reduction of children as one of the solutions to cope with this problem.


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