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Procedures for the "C" List Projects

  1. The developer applies to the CAA with a letter of intent to undertake certain specific project which is classified as "(C) listed project". The developer attaches three copies of the full EIA study on the project in accordance with the relevant sector guidelines.
  2. The CAA registers the documents and checks whether the selected category is correct and whether the information included in the EIA study complies with the required information according to relevant sector guidelines.
  3. The CAA checks the documents and formally submits applicant's documents to the EEAA for review and evaluation.
  4. The EEAA evaluates the documents and submits to the CAA its opinion and possible proposals for measures to be taken in order to ensure the protection of the environment within 30 days of the EEAA's receival of the completed documents. Failure to do so shall be considered as an approval of the assessment.
  5. The EEAA registers the documents, its opinion and proposals in the EIA register at the EEAA.
  6. The CAA officially notifies developer by registered letter with an acknowledgment of receipt about the final result of the evaluation. The result can be either:
    1. An approval of the project including possible measures to be taken to ensure the protection of the environment.
    2. A disapproval of the project.
  7. The CAA forwards a copy of its decision to the EEAA, which register it in the EIA register.
  8. The CAA ensures implementation of the decision.
  9. The developer can appeal the decisions mentioned in a) or b) to the Permanent Appeals Committee in writing within 30 days of receipt.
  10. Documents required: Relevant sector guidelines available at the CAA.