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The Main Responsibilities are:

  • Prioritization of environmental programs and projects which require participation of civil community through the NGOs.
  • Develop plans and programs concerned with environment protection, through establishment of strategic partnership between governmental organizations and NGOs. Adopting approaches & principles of good governance to motivate the role of NGOs in environment protection.
  • Coordinating with different relevant stakeholders inside and outside EEAA concerning the motivation of environmental NGOs’ initiatives whether governmental parties or private sector or donors.
  • Creation and updating database about environmental NGOs and their activities.
  • Design and organize environmental advocacy campaigns in collaboration with NGOs.
  • Provision of technical and financial support to environmental NGOs, building their capacities, and support governorates using the available mechanisms, in collaboration with pertinent stakeholders.
  • Assist in experience exchange between NGOs at the national and the international levels.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the environmental initiatives of NGOs.
  • Documentation and dissemination of best practices to benefit by them through seminars and periodical conferences.

A Registration Form is also available on the web site.

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