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National Ozone Unit Activities


In line with the government’s general policy reflecting the country's commitment to the Montreal Protocol, and implementing the relevant programmes of the National Environmental Action Plan, the Egyptian Government has shown sustained commitment to reduce the consumption of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS).

Operational Structure

National Ozone Unit (NOU) was established as an institutional strengthening project within the EEAA in 1993 funded by the MLF and implemented by UNIDO. The NOU is assisted by technical consultants who are available on a regular basis, for expert advice.

Ozone Protection Reports (From Egypt SOE Reports)

National Ozone Unit Activities

Continuing the role of the NOU to fulfill the Egyptian obligations under the Montreal Protocol with the complete phase-out of all ODSs by the deadlines adapted and approved by the MP parties. Duties are achieving the following targets:

  • Developing an information system to track imports and consumption of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS’s) for the monitoring and licensing system in compliance with Montreal Protocol measures starting with freezing.
  • Continuing the role of the Ozone Panel, which was established through a ministerial decree No.93 on July 24, 1993 constituting of all related ministries and authorities, to fulfill the Egyptian obligations under the Montreal Protocol with the complete phase-out of all CFC’s by the year 2010 or any other Depleting Substances (ODS’s) by deadlines adapted and approved by the MP parties.
  • Monitoring and control of imports and use of ODS’s in co-operation with Customs Authorities. A ministerial decree No.77 issued in 2000 by the Minister of State for Environmental Affairs including the list of Ozone depleting substances, which is under control according to the regulations of the Montreal Protocol and its amendments. This decree prohibits import of these substances without notifying EEAA/NOU.
  • Continuing the transformation of the domestic refrigeration and solvents sectors; following up the implementation of the investment project of Methyl Bromide in Soil Fumigation and Grain Storage Sectors.
  • Implementing refrigeration Management Plan (RMP) including a recovery and recycling project, in cooperation with UNIDO as an implementing agency and GTZ as bilateral stockholder of multilateral Fund secretariat.
  • Completing implementation of projects in the foam sector.
  • Formulate the Halon Management Plan to manage using Halon on the local and regional basis to provide the essential uses basically for the military demands as well as the civil Defense and Civil Aviation needs.
  • Organizing and arranging the annual celebration of the International Ozone Day.
  • Supporting activities in other Arab and African states.
  • Establishing a web page, under the ME - EEAA web site, for National Ozone Unit activities and the Egyptian achievements for protecting the Ozone layer.
  • Conducting awareness campaigns especially directed to decision makers, customs officials, investors, labor and the public at large.
  • Preparing materials for the awareness campaigns for protecting the ozone layer (films, spots, booklets, and brochures).
  • Participating in technical assessment panels and the open–ended meetings for the parties to the Montreal protocol.

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