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Afforestation and Green Spaces

The afforestation projects and increasing the greenery space are important projects that the ministry gives a special attention, since the establishment of these projects has the following benefits:

  • Improving air quality and reduce pollution levels and suspended dust.
  • Improving air quality, that helps in improving the level of public health of the citizens.
garden1 garden2 garden3
Raswa Park in Port Said Development of Rabi'a Eladwyia Square Development of Elnahda Square
garden4 garden5
57357 Hospital Cairo University Garden

The Ministry of Environment with the support of all the governorates, many of the bodies and NGOs provides technical and financial support for the establishment of nurseries for afforestation projects for governorates as well as the establishment of greenhouses to provide the necessary seedlings for planting. The ministry is contributing greatly in the creation of gardens in Greater Cairo and all other governorates. It also contributed technically and financially in the development of informal settlements to create gardens and planting of streets and roads, as well as making use of space areas within cities and neighborhoods to increase green areas.

garden6 garden7 garden8
Elzyton Preparatory School for Girls Elsalam College Kindergarten Elsalam College Kindergarten
garden9 garden10 garden11
Elsayda Somia Primary School Elzyton Primary School for Girls Elzyton Preparatory School for Girls
garden12 garden13 garden14
Elmarg Secondary Industrial School for Boys Elmarg Secondary Industrial School for Boys Elsayda Somia Primary School
garden15 garden16 garden17
Ramadan Galal Primary School Elmarg Secondary School for Girls Elmarag Secondary School for Girls
garden18 garden19
Salman Elfarasy Primary School Salman Elfarasy Primary School